After Chop? Kuami Eugene and Wendy Shay shares Bedroom photo and Ghanaians can’t keep Calm

So there’s been rumors in the past about Kuami Eugene and Wendy Shay being in a romantic relationship.

Although none of the two have voiced out any concerns whatsoever in relation to these rumors, proofs of their relationship floods the internet every once in a while and go. like the time a blogger captured Kuame Eugene tightly holding Wendy from behind…

Well here’s another one, this time round I wonder how they’d escape from this. A photo available to nsemwokrom.com posted by Monte OZ shows Kuame Eugene and Wendy cuddled up on a bed. see photo below

What do you think of this photo? is it photoshopped? could it be a scene from an upcoming new release? are the two teasing? are they officially announcing their romance? or the photo was accidentally leaked?

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