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Kuami Eugene Accused Of Chasing Girls Rough Rough, Benging Wendy Shay & Almost Chopping A Chopbar Girl (Gists)

The fame has been eating up a greater part of Kuami Eugene’s brain and if he does not slow down, girls would be the cause of his career if it ever dwindles.

In the latest expose by the notorious Snapchat user fhatpu**y055, she’s disclosed that Kuami Eugene has been using the least opportunity to get to bang girls.

Although the claims by the Snapchat user who is been given the juice by others could be overly exaggerated, Kuami Eugene’s statements in the past sort of corroborates the claims and he passes out as someone who loves women.

Yeah we all love women–I am no saint, so I can’t crucify him, but in the case of Kuami Eugene he seems to go extreme as he wants to chop anything in skirt and he has to be advised to slow down.

I can swear on the hairs on my black balls that, I know some girl who Kuami Eugene tried chopping and I saw all the evidence for myself, so this one does not surprise me at all.

Well, Kuami Eugene has been accused of banging a Wendy Shay–Well, he won’t be the first celeb to bang another celeb.

Also, he’s been accused of getting infected with GONO after going raw with one UPSA girl among other allegations.

Read through the screenshots below and we are hoping we get a reaction from him soon and if he will deny it, he should perhaps swear using ‘Antoa’ —-Kidding.


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