Maame Serwaa Begs Her Fans To Stop Comparing Her To Yaa Jackson (Watch Video)

Teen actress Maame Serwaa has pleaded with her fans to stop comparing her with her colleague Yaa Jackson in a radio interview with Asempa Fm.

There is this perception that Maame Serwaa and Yaa Jackson are at loggerheads and because they all 19 years old and started acting around the same time in the past, fans of both actresses tend to always compare them.

The comparison is usually always about which of them is more decent, humble, clever, talented and even who has a better sense of fashion.

Maame Serwaa disclosed in the interview that, she has no problem with Yaa Jackson and that when they meet, they do talk and that she’s not concerned about whether she is the bigger star or whether it is Yaa Jackson who is the bigger star.

She explained that although she has no issues with Yaa Jackson, when people compare them, it does not help as it paves way for jealousy to set in.

Watch that part of the interview below:


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